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Fuel 1pc D712 Rage B Fuel 1pc custom wheels Fuel 1pc D712 Rage B
custom wheels

20x10.0 options
Size, Bolt Pattern (PCD), Offset (ET), BackSpacing Finish Price
20x10.0 PCD 5x127 (5x5) ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
20x10.0 PCD 5x139.7 (5x5.5) ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
20x10.0 PCD 6x135 ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
20x10.0 PCD 6x139.7 (6x5.5) ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
20x10.0 PCD 8x165 (8x6.5) ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
20x10.0 PCD 8x170 ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
20x10.0 PCD 8x180 ET -18, 4.8"BS Black $399.51 each buy
* Wheels appearance may differ from image shown depending on actual size, offset and finish.

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