Tire specs
OEM tires: 225/65-16 (698x225mm). Bolt pattern: 5x130. Offset: 40 to 50 mm. Tires up to 738x245mm. Rims up to 23x8.5".     Show what fits
Sumitomo HTR Z III Sumitomo tires Sumitomo HTR Z III
Max Performance
Five rib asymmetric tread pattern merges cornering with straight line stability. Long lateral grooves evacuate water from the center of the footprint. Four straight, wide grooves further heighten drainage for improved wet performance.
18 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  215/40R18 ( 629x215, 24.8x8.5 )  18x6.0 to 18x8.0   $170.18 each  buy 
  255/35R18 ( 635x255, 25.0x10.0 )  18x7.5 to 18x9.5   $216.95 each  buy 
  265/35R18 ( 643x265, 25.3x10.4 )  18x8.0 to 18x10.0   $220.91 each  buy 
  265/40R18 ( 669x265, 26.3x10.4 )  18x8.0 to 18x10.0   $169.79 each  buy 
  285/35R18 ( 657x285, 25.9x11.2 )  18x9.0 to 18x10.5   $222.15 each  buy 
  295/30R18 ( 635x295, 25.0x11.6 )  18x9.5 to 18x11.0   $233.30 each  buy 
19 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  245/35R19 ( 655x245, 25.8x9.6 )  19x7.5 to 19x9.0   $170.01 each  buy 
  245/40R19 ( 679x245, 26.7x9.6 )
Correct size for Promaster 1500. Tires are 19 mm shorter than OEM.
 19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $235.05 each  buy 
  245/45R19 ( 703x245, 27.7x9.6 )
Correct size for Promaster 1500.
 19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $185.23 each  buy 
  255/40R19 ( 687x255, 27.0x10.0 )  19x7.5 to 19x9.5   $225.49 each  buy 
  275/40R19 ( 703x275, 27.7x10.8 )  19x8.5 to 19x10.5   $207.63 each  buy 
  285/35R19 ( 683x285, 26.9x11.2 )  19x9.0 to 19x10.5   $273.40 each  buy 
20 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  245/40R20 ( 704x245, 27.7x9.6 )
Correct size for Promaster 1500.
 20x7.0 to 20x9.0   $165.58 each  buy 
  255/30R20 ( 662x255, 26.1x10.0 )  20x8.0 to 20x9.5   $191.66 each  buy 
  285/30R20 ( 680x285, 26.8x11.2 )  20x9.0 to 20x10.5   $208.84 each  buy 

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