Tire specs
OEM tires: (763x235mm). Bolt pattern: 5x114.3 (5x4.5). Offset: 35 to 50 mm. Tires up to 783x255mm. Rims up to 24x9.0".     Show what fits
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Bridgestone tires Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza
Street/Sport Truck
``Elegance With an Edge`` Designed for luxury SUVs and light trucks.Smooth quite ride.
16 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  255/65R16 ( 738x255, 29.1x10.0 )  16x7.0 to 16x9.5   $206.87 each  buy 
  255/70R16 ( 764x255, 30.1x10.0 )  16x7.0 to 16x9.5   $198.44 each  buy 
18 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  255/65R18 ( 789x255, 31.1x10.0 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.5   $237.18 each  buy 
  275/60R18 ( 787x275, 31.0x10.8 )  18x8.0 to 18x10.5   $274.56 each  buy 
19 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  245/55R19 ( 753x245, 29.6x9.6 )  19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $234.88 each  buy 
  255/55R19 ( 763x255, 30.0x10.0 )  19x7.5 to 19x9.5   $285.41 each  buy 
20 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  245/60R20 ( 802x245, 31.6x9.6 )  20x7.0 to 20x9.0   $237.96 each  buy 
  255/55R20 ( 788x255, 31.0x10.0 )  20x7.5 to 20x9.5   $210.44 each  buy 
  265/50R20 ( 774x265, 30.5x10.4 )  20x7.5 to 20x10.0   $276.67 each  buy 

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