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    Tire specs
    OEM tires: (712x235mm). Bolt pattern: 5x120. Offset: 35 to 45 mm. Tires up to 732x255mm. Rims up to 22x8.5".     Show what fits
    Continental tiresContinental ContiProContact
    High Performance All-Season
    High performance all-season tire is the distinct choice for top of the line performance vehicles.
    15 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      175/55R15 ( 573x175, 22.6x6.9 )  15x4.5 to 15x6.5   $147.33 each  buy 
      175/65R15 ( 609x175, 24.0x6.9 )  15x4.5 to 15x6.5   $146.27 each  buy 
    16 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      195/45R16 ( 582x195, 22.9x7.7 )  16x5.5 to 16x7.0   $149.44 each  buy 
      195/55R16 ( 620x195, 24.4x7.7 )  16x5.0 to 16x7.0   $160.19 each  buy 
      215/55R16 ( 642x215, 25.3x8.5 )  16x6.0 to 16x8.0   $172.64 each  buy 
      215/70R16 ( 708x215, 27.9x8.5 )  16x5.5 to 16x8.0   $163.68 each  buy 
      225/55R16 ( 654x225, 25.7x8.9 )  16x6.0 to 16x8.5   $193.97 each  buy 
    17 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      205/55R17 ( 658x205, 25.9x8.1 )  17x5.5 to 17x7.5   $256.42 each  buy 
      225/60R17 ( 702x225, 27.6x8.9 )  17x6.0 to 17x8.5   $188.77 each  buy 
      235/55R17 ( 690x235, 27.2x9.3 )  17x6.5 to 17x9.0   $198.24 each  buy 
    18 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      215/55R18 ( 693x215, 27.3x8.5 )  18x6.0 to 18x8.0   $182.06 each  buy 
      235/40R18 ( 645x235, 25.4x9.3 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $236.69 each  buy 
      235/45R18 ( 669x235, 26.3x9.3 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $230.19 each  buy 
      235/50R18 ( 693x235, 27.3x9.3 )
    Correct size for Odyssey. Tires are 20 mm shorter than OEM.
     18x6.5 to 18x9.0   $222.75 each  buy 
      245/40R18 ( 653x245, 25.7x9.6 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $296.66 each  buy 
      245/45R18 ( 677x245, 26.7x9.6 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $285.67 each  buy 
    19 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      235/40R19 ( 671x235, 26.4x9.3 )  19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $326.95 each  buy 
      235/45R19 ( 695x235, 27.4x9.3 )
    Correct size for Odyssey. Tires are 18 mm shorter than OEM.
     19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $302.34 each  buy 
      245/40R19 ( 679x245, 26.7x9.6 )  19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $314.77 each  buy 
      245/45R19 ( 703x245, 27.7x9.6 )
    Correct size for Odyssey.
     19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $316.08 each  buy 
      255/40R19 ( 687x255, 27.0x10.0 ) 100V  19x7.5 to 19x9.5   $375.91 each  buy 

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    Wheel/tire packages come mounted and balanced, with all necessary hardware included, ready to bolt on.

    TPMS sensors
    are available as an option in the Shopping Cart. .

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