Our Fitment Guarantee:

All our recommended (direct fit) packages are built to fit your vehicle as is, with no major modifications and with no problems, such as screwing up performance, gearing or speedometer.
Bigger size rims come with lower profile tires, so the overall tire diameter remains close to your original size.
In some rare cases (such as oversized applications) some minor trimming may be needed to aleviate rubbing on sharp turns.

We always double check all orders (including test fit when necessary) to make sure that website recommendations were accurate. We don't process the payment unless order is verified and fitment approved.

If the package purchased from us doesn't fit properly, we will assist you in any way possible to fix that. If for some reason it's not possible, we will accept the return and will issue a full refund including shipping cost.
* Return is possible for US customers only, In case of international order we will try to help to resell the package locally.

* Our Fitment Guarantee only applies to wheels or packages selected by our system ("direct fit packages"). Our fitment guarantee does not apply to vehicles with modifications to the suspension, brakes, body, etc, only to stock vehicles.

 *  This guarantee is not applicable to custom-built rims.

Please note: Wheels purchased by themselves without tires need to be test fitted prior to mounting tires, wheels that have had tires mounted THEN test fitted CANNOT be returned!

We cannot be responsible for any fitment problems in case wheels/tires were purchased not from us.

This guarantee doesn't mean that our site is always right, it means that we accept 100% responsibility even when it's wrong. However, if you see that site shows wrong packages for your car (or any other data inaccuracy), please let us know ASAP, so we can fix it.
If you have doubts regarding particular package please feel free to ask.

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